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What is Tactical Training and why is it important?

Author: Ron

Published: 2022

Category: Firearms

What is Tactical Training and why is it important?

What is Tactical Training? 

Tactical training goes beyond simply studying firearms, shooting and self-defense. It is the development of physical strength, and technique and teaches you what to do in a crisis, even without a weapon. Tactical training will prepare you so that you instinctively move from survival “freeze” mode to “fight” mode.

Active shooters have been stopped by civilians, sometimes without a weapon, because of the tactical training they have had. 

The goal of tactical training is to study and apply combat theory and also gain the psychological stability needed to respond to different situations, along with specific skills. Tactical Fitness Austin courses make training more applicable to modern living and real-world scenarios. 

What are the benefits of tactical training?


It goes without saying, but the more physically fit you are, the better equipped you are to deal with a potential threat. 

Tactical Training will improve your fitness levels without you even realizing it. 

There’s a focus on physicality to make yourself quicker, more powerful, and more agile. You need to be able to do things like dropping and standing quickly. Tactical Fitness Austin will incorporate many types of functional fitness into training that have a real impact on your daily life and in potential crisis scenarios. 


Regardless of who you are, where you work or live, or what you do daily, it’s critical to have awareness of your surroundings. Even when you are in your neighborhood, or a familiar setting, it is important to remain aware of your surroundings. 

With tactical training, you can learn how to read crowds, find exits, and even visualize an attack. You will learn how to find the tools at your disposal that you could use for protection if needed.


The more tactical training you do in scenarios that replicate real-life situations, the more prepared you will naturally be if you ever find yourself in a life-threatening situation. Mental training is just as, if not more, important than physical training. It’s essential to ensure we respond as quickly and effectively as possible. It could be the difference between life and death. 


Tactical training can help you build leadership skills that can transfer to all aspects of your life. You will learn to become more decisive, more assertive and someone who people will turn to in times of crisis. 

These skills will prove hugely beneficial in your career and family life. 


Tactical training undoubtedly builds confidence.  You start to feel like you can take on challenges successfully. Then, like the other skills you learn in this type of training, you can apply that sense of confidence to other parts of your life.

What are the different options for Tactical Training?

Handgun or Rifle Fundamentals: 

What is this course?

Tactical Fitness handgun and rifle fundamentals courses train students in firearms safety, loading and unloading, and rifle/pistol set-up (holster choices, lights, slings, etc) The fundamentals of shooting defensive shooting are also covered in detail. This includes Stance, Grip, aiming, trigger control, drawing from a holster, reloads, basic movement, and various defensive shooting drills. The rifle fundamentals course also covers how to zero a rifle. 

Who is it for? 

This course is ideal for brand new shooters who want to learn how to shoot the right way from the start in a safe and learning conducive environment under professional supervision. It is also a great course for those who have been shooting for a while and want to polish their skills. 

Concealed Carry Krav Maga

What is this course?

The Concealed Carry Krav Maga course is Tactical Fitness’s flagship course. This course teaches practitioners how to fight with their gun in a life or death situation. It covers techniques specific to conceal carrying a firearm; Krav Maga strikes and grappling techniques, weapon retention and counter retention, blade and firearm defenses, and of course how to shoot from entangled situations. The course breaks up into three levels:

Level I: The Concealed Carry Krav Maga level I course is designed for people who are new to firearms and Krav Maga. This course is made to be a launch pad for those who are interested in learning taking their tactical training to the next level.

Level II: The Concealed Carry Krav Maga Level II course is designed to build on the curriculum of the level I course. The curriculum expands on striking and grappling techniques learned in Level I and adds real-life simulations with helmets and marking rounds.

Level III: The Concealed Carry Krav Maga Level II course puts the whole picture of entangled weapons-based self-defense and takes it to the ground. The course focuses specifically on entangled fighting situations in grounded positions including a knife, gun, and open-handed defense. All techniques are pressure tested in real-life scenarios with helmets and marking round. This is by far the most physically and mentally demanding course.

Who is it for? 

This course is ideal for those who conceal carry daily and want to prepare for a real-life confrontation. 

Third-Party Protection

What is this course?

This course gives protectors advanced defensive skills to keep family and loved ones safe from danger. Students will learn third party protection tactics and how to apply them during everyday situations. Examples in common places such as gas stations, restaurants, crowded places and events. Participants will familiarize themselves with close quarters combat and Principal evacuation techniques and perform them in live fire. The course will finish with a series of full contact Force on Force scenario simulations. They will be tested in fast paced dynamic threat environments, allowing them to validate their knowledge and skills as Third Party Protectors.

Who is it for? 

This course is ideal for anyone who has dependants, e.g children or a family, or responsible

Which Tactical Training is for me? 

When you’re deciding which tactical training course to take, begin with the basics. Choose a course that meets your current abilities and level of experience. You can always build on that as you progress.

Tactical Fitness Austin offers Women’s only classes.

If you are a beginner and feel like you would like some one-on-one training before taking a course, then book in with our experts for an intro lesson. 

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