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Team Building – Corporate Events

The Best Team Building activities in Austin, Texas

An EPIC Team Building activity your employees will thank you for!

  • Before we go into more details, here are the benefits you can expect from our Team Building Self Defense training:
    • On your own time! – Choose what time works best for the entire team.
    • Right next door! – At your office, on-site, in an empty room OR outdoor open area.
    • Affordable! – Priced in a single event or monthly/quarterly recurring events with your budget in mind.
    • Confident Employees! – Every one of our sessions has left employees feeling more capable of what they can achieve through sheer effort and teamwork.
    • Super easy booking! – Always ONE point of contact before, during and after the event, we believe in giving you a seamless experience.

Team building activities can be a real snooze fest, right? They’re usually boring, predictable, and not something people get excited about. Well, forget all that with Tactical Fitness Austin. If you want to be the office legend, you’ve gotta check us out. Your team will be forever grateful! Let our instructors, who are ex-special forces, provide your team with a life-changing experience. Say goodbye to dull team building and get ready for a day that will seriously shake things up for your team!

Whether your goal is to strengthen communication or improve morale, self-defense training is the perfect way to do it. Our team-building programs are designed to provide an educational and enjoyable experience for all participants while teaching essential safety protocols. From basic firearms safety to advanced shooting and tactical training, our experienced team of instructors can provide the training and guidance your group needs.

Team building events that support growth!

We provide self-defense training covering various topics, such as situational awareness and basic self-defense techniques. Not only does it provide a great way to build relationships and trust within the team, but it also helps improve communication and problem-solving skills. Additionally, our program helps foster positive attitudes, improve decision-making, and increase participant confidence.

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Team Building activities that foster team growth under our elite instructors!

  • Our instructors are ex-special forces that have an extensive background in training civilians, law enforcement, and security personnel worldwide. Your team would have the opportunity to grow under decorated instructors!
  • Employee growth is of utmost importance and priority to us within our team and for our Team Building activities that unite your team together.
  • Review our instructor bio’s below and share with your team who they would be able to learn from.

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