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Exploring Tactical Fitness Austin’s Aerial Gunnery Course: Mastering Helicopter Operations and Shooting Techniques

Author: tido

Published: 2023

Category: Firearms

Exploring Tactical Fitness Austin’s Aerial Gunnery Course: Mastering Helicopter Operations and Shooting Techniques

Tactical Fitness Austin is renowned for its comprehensive training courses. The Aerial Gunnery course is one of the specialized offerings. This course is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills required to operate effectively in and around a helicopter. Students will learn to hone their shooting abilities from this unique platform. Whether you’re a law enforcement professional, military personnel, or a civilian looking to expand your tactical skill set, this course promises to provide invaluable insights into aerial gunnery.

Aerial Gunnery Course Overview:

The Aerial Gunnery course is a one-day intensive program that delves into the intricacies of helicopter operations and shooting techniques. It caters to individuals who have previously taken a rifle fundamentals class either from Tactical Fitness or another reputable training company. This prerequisite ensures that participants have a foundational understanding of firearms and basic shooting principles before diving into the specialized aspects of aerial gunnery.

Course Objectives:

  1. Understanding the Helicopter Platform and Capabilities. Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the helicopter platform, its unique features, and its capabilities. They will learn about the dynamics of operating in and around a helicopter, including considerations for safety and effective manoeuvring.
  2. Safety Protocols. Safety is paramount in any tactical training. This course emphasizes the importance of adhering to safety protocols when engaging in aerial gunnery. Participants will learn about safety measures specific to shooting from a helicopter, ensuring a secure and controlled environment for all involved.
  3. Shooting and Handling Positions in the Aircraft. Mastering shooting and handling positions within the confined space of a helicopter is crucial for effective target engagement. Participants will cover various shooting techniques that optimize stability and accuracy while considering the aircraft’s constraints.
  4. Takeoff and Landing Protocols – Shooting from the Aircraft. Proper execution of takeoff and landing protocols while engaging targets from a helicopter is an essential skill covered in this course. Participants will learn the correct procedures to ensure safety and operational efficiency during these critical phases of flight.
  5. Flat Range Shooting Drills: The course includes flat range shooting drills to enhance marksmanship skills. These drills allow participants to practice precision shooting techniques, refine their aim, and improve their overall shooting proficiency.
  6. Getting On and Off the Aircraft. Efficient and safe entry and exit from the aircraft are essential skills in the course. Participants will learn techniques and procedures to swiftly embark and disembark from helicopters, ensuring smooth transitions during operational scenarios.
  7. Shooting from the Aircraft. The pinnacle of the course is the practical application of shooting from a helicopter. Participants will have the opportunity to engage ground targets from the aircraft, applying the knowledge and skills acquired throughout the program. Under the guidance of experienced instructors, they will learn to maintain accuracy and stability while dealing with the unique challenges presented by shooting from a moving platform.

Location and Schedule:

The Aerial Gunnery course will be held at Tactical Fitness Austin‘s training facility at 32800 Ronald Reagan Blvd, Georgetown, 78633. The next available course is Friday, October 6th, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. We advise participants to arrive early to ensure a prompt start and to make the most of this comprehensive training experience.

Instructor Profile – Marcelo Esperandio:

The course is led by Marcelo Esperandio, a highly experienced Civil Police Officer at the Air Operations Unit. Marcelo holds a Bachelor of Laws, a Post Graduate in Constitutional Law, and Pre-Hospital Assistance in Combat certification. With nearly two decades of experience, including 13 years in operational police activities and 7 years in the Brazilian Army.