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Vehicle Tactics with Marcelo Esperandio

Author: Ron

Published: 2022

Category: Firearms

Vehicle Tactics with Marcelo Esperandio

Tactical Fitness Austin was delighted to host a Vehicle Tactics course this past weekend with Marcelo Esperandio. Marcelo travelled from Brazil to share his expertise with our students.

Marcelo Esperandio is a Civil Police Officer at the Air Operations Unit. He holds a Bachelor of Laws, Post Graduate in Constitutional Law and Pre-Hospital Assistance in Combat. Adding the experience of almost two decades, where more than thirteen years dedicated to operational police activity and seven years dedicated to the Brazilian Army as 1st Lieutenant of Infantry/R2.

The course was a huge success. We were impressed by the level of commitment displayed by everyone who took part. Marcelo said “It was a privilege to train with such passionate students.”

Students left with an understanding of the dynamics of armed confrontations inside and around vehicles. The characteristic of vehicular confrontation is sudden, aggressive and of high intensity. In this way, the Vehicle Tactics Module supports increased life expectancies in this type of armed confrontation. As well as to understand the protocols that govern an individual or team-based vehicular combat.

The advanced Vehicle Tactics Low Lightcourse uses the protocols used in the fundamentals Vehicle Tactics course in a more advanced way.

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