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The three best ways to celebrate the holidays at your workplace. 

Author: tido

Published: 2023

Category: Self-defense

The three best ways to celebrate the holidays at your workplace. 


The holiday season is fast approaching, and it’s the perfect time to bring your team closer and to reward them for their hard work. Sure, you can always organize a holiday party in the office breakroom, but why not try something different this year? These are the top three ways we believe you should celebrate the holidays with your coworkers, that will not only be fun but build stronger and more lasting connections amongst your team.


1. Celebrate the holidays with community service. 


The holidays are all about giving back, and what better way to bond with your colleagues than by volunteering together? Choose a local charity or organization and spend a day giving your time to those in need. You can even ask your staff to suggest a charity that is close to their hearts that they would like to support and then have people vote for which cause they feel most passionate. Whether it’s serving meals at a shelter or organizing a toy drive, the act of giving will bring your team closer and instill a sense of gratitude and unity.

holidays community service

A study by Deloitte found that 70% of employees believe that participation in workplace volunteer programs makes them feel more engaged with their employers. Not only that but According to a study by PwC, 91% of employees who participated in workplace volunteer activities reported feeling a stronger sense of pride about their company.


There is plenty of data to justify taking the time to do charity work together as a company – so why not give it a go this holiday season? 


2. Self-defense training.


Okay, we may be biased with this one, but it’s only because we are passionate about the benefits of self-defense training. Who said team building can’t be exciting and practical? Imagine your team donning Santa hats while learning essential self-defense techniques. It’s not just about staying safe; it’s about building trust, boosting confidence, and having a blast! 

team building womens self defense training

Self-defense training can boost participants’ confidence and empower them to handle challenging situations, both in and out of the workplace.


According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, individuals who have undergone self-defense training are more likely to be aware of their surroundings and take proactive steps to reduce their risk of becoming victims of crime.


 We’ve seen first-hand the impact that self-defense training has had on employees’ communication skills and confidence. The feedback we get is exceptional. This holiday season, equip your team with skills that matter and create lasting memories. 



3. Host a family day at the office to celebrate the holidays!


Invite partners and families to the office! Getting to know your coworkers’ partners and families isn’t just about work; it’s about building a real team. It adds a personal touch to your workplace connections, helping you understand each other on a deeper level. When you meet the important people in your colleagues’ lives, it humanizes them and builds empathy.

This shared understanding fosters a stronger sense of unity among the team, making collaboration smoother and support more natural. Plus, it creates a friendlier work atmosphere, where coworkers genuinely care for each other. So, go ahead, share stories, and connect on a personal level – it’s the secret to a happier, more closely-knit team.


If you have any other ideas for how to celebrate the holidays at your workplace send them our way. Additionally, if you want to find out more about how Tactical Fitness Austin can arrange a fun and impactful self-defense workshop at your workplace, get in touch. We have packages available for on or off-site workshops for a variety of group sizes.