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Tactical Shooting

Tactical Shooting Courses & Training with Tactical Fitness

We provide the best quality firearms training, krav maga training and much more.

From Concealed Carry Krav Maga and Handgun Fundamentals to IWI Tavor and Home Defense Courses – take a look at all of our courses.

Professional Firearms Training & Courses

Tactical Fitness offers single to multi-day courses around the United States and beyond. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced shooter – we have got a course for you.

Beginner Friendly Courses

Never fired a rifle or handgun before? Need more practice with the fundamentals? We offer a range of courses that will train you from scratch and improve your existing skills.

Training and Courses

Tactical Shooting Courses, Krav Maga & Firearms Training

We have a catalogue of tactical shooting courses throughout the year, alongside training in self-defense, non-firearms related courses such as Krav Maga. There are new courses added every second quarter of the year, with exciting new themes, subject areas and ways to improve your ability as a shooter and to defend yourself.

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IWI Tavor/AR & IWI Pistol courses

Learn proper use of the IWI Tavor battle rifle directly from the source! These courses will be taught by Tactical Fitness founder, Ron, a former IDF sniper. These courses are designed to teach the fundamentals of shooting the Tavor SAR and X95 rifle systems. We also offer Level 2 and 3 Tavor courses for the more advanced learners.

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Third Party Protection

This course will be taught by Bernardo C. (MSG) ret. former Israeli Special Forces and and Israeli Federal agent. You’ll learn clearing and evacuation techniques, vehicle procedures, evacuation team fundamentals, simulations drills with UTM. This course is for people who may be professionally or personally responsible for the safety and protection of others.

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Handgun Fundamentals

Tactical Fitness Austin’s Handgun Fundamentals classes are open to everybody and are ideal for beginner shooters. In this class you will learn: firearms safety, loading and unloading, pistol shooting fundamentals, drawing from a holster, reloads and basic movement.

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Rifle Fundamentals

The Rifle fundamentals course is designed to provide students with the fundamentals of rifle shooting. The course is open to all abilities and will cover: field stripping, basic prone position, loading and unloading procedures, trigger control and breathe control, sights/sight picture, how to zero the iron sights and optics, shooting from Standing position, speed and tactical magazine changes.

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Private Firearms Training

Learn at your own pace with an elite instructor by your side. Classes cover topics from basic safety, stance, and grip to advanced counter terrorism and active shooter prevention. These classes are ideal for the regular CHL/concealed pistol student or any gun enthusiast.

Private instruction is available with partner shooting ranges in and around the Metropolitan Austin area.

CHL/CCW/LTC or proof of no criminal record is required to schedule a class.

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Low Light & Home Defense Courses

Our Home Defense Pistol Force on force courses are designed to teach practitioners the skills and tactics to defend their home. Students will learn methodologies that will apply inside and outside of the home for armed defense. We also have numerous Low Light Rifle & Pistol courses that teach you the fundamentals of shooting in low or no light situations.

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Hunting Courses

This course will provide you with the basic skills needed for the successful hunting and processing of common game animals in North America. These methods are also applicable to most species throughout the world.

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Low Light Courses

Low light scenario courses are designed to make your training “as real as it gets.” Course will utilize UTM (ultimate training munitions) man marking rounds to simulate close quarter battle situations (CQB) as it pertains to home defense as well as active shooter in low light and no light situations.

Open to All Skill Levels – basic firearms handling skills highly recommended.

You’ll everything from shooting tactics for low light, hand held light techniques to room clearing tactics.

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Group Firearms Training

Whether your interest is in obtaining your License to Carry a Handgun (LTC) or shooting with your friends and a professional instructor, Tactical Fitness has the right program for you! Tactical Fitness offers:

  • Regular classes
  • LTC class (License to Carry a Handgun)
  • Custom seminars on various topics
  • Corporate team building workshops
  • Company events
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