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How to Load an IWI X95 or AR: A Step-by-Step Guide

Author: tido

Published: 2023

Category: Firearms

How to Load an IWI X95 or AR: A Step-by-Step Guide

The IWI X95 and the AR are two of the most popular rifles in the world of firearms, known for their versatility and performance. Whether you’re an experienced gun enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of rifles, understanding how to load these weapons is an essential skill. In this guide, we’ll take you through the step-by-step process of loading both the IWI X95 and the AR, with insights from Ron at Tactical Fitness and the IWI Academy.



Step 1: Inspecting Your IWI X95 or AR

Safety should be your top priority before you load your IWI X95 or AR. Start by inspecting the rifle:

  • Ensure that there’s no magazine in the firearm.
  • Tabletop your rifle to have a clear view.
  • Carefully pinch the bolt and lock it to the rear.

By following these initial safety steps, you are confirming that your rifle is clear of any obstructions and in a safe state for loading.

Step 2: Check Optics and Lights

Properly functioning optics and lights are crucial for accurate shooting. Check the following:

  • Bring your sight up to your eye and adjust the dot’s brightness setting, if applicable.
  • For rifles with LPVO (Low Power Variable Optics), ensure it’s set to one power.
  • Verify that your optic is working correctly.
  • If your rifle has a light, check that it functions as well. If possible, assess the combination of light and optic to ensure the light doesn’t wash out your dot.

By examining your optics and lights, you’re setting yourself up for success in terms of accuracy and functionality.

Step 3: Loading the Magazine

Once you’ve completed the safety and optics checks, you can proceed to load the magazine:

  • Bring your rifle to your workspace, typically the shoulder area.
  • Grasp the magazine, either by feel or visually identify the side with the rounds.
  • Load the magazine aggressively, ensuring it’s securely in place.
  • Slide your thumb up to release the bolt catch.

This step ensures your rifle is loaded and ready for action. Make sure to double-verify that the breech is fully locked forward before proceeding.

Step 4: Addressing Common Issues

For owners of new X95s, it’s not uncommon to experience issues with the breech not closing all the way. This is often due to the rifle breaking in. To address this:

  • Consider oiling the neck of the bolt.
  • Perform a press check, gently pulling the bolt slightly forward to visually confirm that a round is in the chamber.

By understanding and addressing these common issues, you can maintain your rifle’s reliability and performance.

Why is this important? 

The ability to load an IWI X95 or AR correctly is an essential skill for any rifle owner. Following these steps, as outlined by Ron from Tactical Fitness and the IWI Academy, ensures that your firearm is in safe and working condition, and that you’re fully prepared for a successful shooting experience.

Remember to prioritize safety, check your optics and lights, load your magazine, and address any common issues. By doing so, you’ll be well-prepared to enjoy the exceptional performance of the IWI X95 or AR. For more in-depth firearm training, check out Tactical Fitness on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, and consider enrolling in future Tavor operator classes on their website, tacticalfitnessaustin.com.

Mastering the loading procedure is the first step toward becoming a responsible and skilled firearm owner.