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IWI X95 Aftermarket Handguard Options

Author: Ron

Published: 2023

Category: Firearms

IWI X95 Aftermarket Hand guard Options

 Tactical Fitness Austin Founder Ron breaks down hand guard options for the IWI X95 to help you make the best decision when it comes to purchasing.

“The cool thing about the X95 has been around for a little while, so the aftermarket for it is fairly big. I wanted to talk about the different Hand guard options that are available for the X95. I’m gonna start with the newest one that just came out of the market. I haven’t had a chance to play with it, but a couple of my students have already picked it up and they seem to be super happy with it, which is the Black label Hand guard.”

“It looks just like part of the gun, so there’s no like off-looking color or anything like that. It does make the barrel free-floating, which is nice. You’re gonna get a little more accuracy out of it. The other option we have on the market, which is fairly new as well, maybe in the last year, is the Optimist Rail. Definitely a more affordable option. So this is about 80 bucks and I believe the black label is about 250 bucks and there’s a more expensive one with Bipod that’s like 500.

This option is very affordable and very comfortable. It does fit the handle a little better and it’s tubular versus the more rectangular shape that we have on the other ones. One thing they did well on the black label is to have that little pick rail in the front so you can mount your light.”

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