Bring self defense and fitness training to the boardroom.

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Whether you’re looking for a way to build teamwork, strengthen communication, or improve morale, self-defense training is the perfect way to do it. Our corporate training is designed to provide an educational and enjoyable experience for all participants, while teaching important safety protocols. Tactical Fitness Austin’s firearms and self-defense training program is designed to meet the specific needs of your group. From basic firearms safety to advanced shooting and tactical training, our experienced team of instructors can provide the training and guidance your group needs.

We provide self-defense training that cover a variety of topics, such as situational awareness and basic self-defense techniques. Not only does it provide a great way to build relationships and trust within the team, but it also helps improve communication and problem-solving skills. Additionally, our program helps foster positive attitudes, improve decision-making, and increase confidence among participants.

Customized Training

Tactical Fitness Austin programs are fully modular, which allow for a design that accommodates the desired skills and goals of every client. Additionally, if a client is interested in pre-packaged options, classes come in several pre-designed formats:

  • Team building workshops
  • Fitness-oriented lunch time programs
  • Women’s and men’s self defense
  • Co-ed programing
  • Active shooter prevention/ workplace violence prevention

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Corporate Programming

Corporate programming is customizable and arranged to each company’s specific needs. In order to ensure that classes stay relevant to members, curriculums are designed based on:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Ability
  • Time availability
  • Class size

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“If you’re asking yourself, ‘Should I take a class or put that money towards another gun?’ The answer is take the class. The skills you learn in a class can be used with any gun you already own or will own in the future.”
– Samuel G