Ways you can train with Tactical Fitness Austin

Tactical Courses

Our Tactical Courses take place throughout the year, usually over one day or a full weekend, depending on the course and usually host between 10-20 people. There are courses available for beginners and people who are completely new to self-defense and firearms. Other courses require a certain level of training to be eligible for a place which will be specified in the course description. Every course is led by a former special-forces agent, who is an expert in the field. 

We recommend our Tactical Courses for people who are serious about self-defense and improving their skills and who enjoy learning in a fun environment with a group of like-minded people. 

Our courses frequently sell-out in advance. Book early to avoid disappointment. 

Current Locations: Austin area, San Antonio, Houston, Salt Lake City 

Private Training

We offer one-to-one and small group training in Personal Fitness, Fire-arms and Krav Maga*. Private training is the perfect way to develop your skills in a way that is suited to you and your ability. Private training is open to anyone and can fit around your schedule. You will be taught by one of our expert instructors who are all ex-special forces and they will tailor your training to your individual goals. Whether you are an experienced shooter who wants to further develop their skills or you just want to feel more confident around firearms, our instructor will help you to achieve your personal goals. 

*Krav Maga private training requires you and a partner. 

Current Locations: Austin area, available to travel

Combat Club

Combat Club is membership to a weekly class in Austin where you will develop your skills in Krav Maga, shooting with pistol, rifle and low-light as well as combat fitness. Membership to Combat Club is the perfect way to consistently train and improve your tactical skills. 

Current Location: Austin, Texas

Security Consulting

Tactical Fitness Austin are experts in training for specialized security teams and law enforcement agents around the world. Tactical Fitness Security Consulting provides high-quality security assessments, training, strategies and more. In a world of ever-changing risk, security has never been more important to implement in the home, office or place of worship. Our global experts with years of Military, Law Enforcement and Close Protection experience bring you the ability to customize the best security measures for you to enact.

Discounts available for First responders and military. Please contact us at info@tacticalfitnessaustin.com to receive your discount!
“I cannot emphasize enough on how great the Pistol Basics and Fundamentals courses were. I can’t wait for the next level course. Stellar instructor!”
– Mo B.