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Dylan Marr
Highlight of our bachelor party trip! We had a group of 6 with a couple members who had never shot anything before. The instructors were knowledgeable, experienced, and made it known that safety was a top priority. We were all running and gunning in no time. Learned a ton and had an absolute blast!
derek cunningham
Perhaps the best organized, basic to advanced, tactical training experiences you can get. Safety is absolutely paramount and every single course I have taken has not only been exceptional but a completely new educational experience. I have had most of my family now take basic courses and they can easily take you all the way to world class level tactical training if you want. To give you some perspective, I am a physician and their war field trauma/combat casualty care course taught me a lot valuable techniques and concepts that are just not ever taught in general medicine. In all, just crazy amounts of fun.
Vu Tran
If you are a seasoned Stoner/Kalash shooter and find yourself in unfamiliar waters navigating the ins and outs of running bull pups, then you owe it to yourself to book an X95/Tavor course with Tactical Fitness. I have taken both level 1 and level 2 tavor/X95 Operator courses and both were very well structured with a good progression of skill building exercises and drills. Ron does an excellent job of showing you how to run an X95 effectively.
Wayne Gerami
Great classes and instructors! Perfect place to get better at all things tactical.
Cameron Lee
Review 100.
Ted Manasa
I took the Close Quarters Family Protector course. After taking it, I believe this course should be required training for anyone who conceal carries to protect their family. Bernardo teaches many fundamental drawing, movement, and post-threat-response skills that are essential to actually protecting your family in a chaotic situation, above and beyond merely drawing your weapon and shooting. Highly recommended.
rodrigo blanco
Best tactical training in Texas! Ron and Bernardo are true professionals!
The best training you can find. I was searching for some courses through Israeli Weapon Industries and they happened to have a class in Austin. Come to find out Ron runs Tactical Fitness out of Austin area with lots of other corses. That’s a big deal because people travel across states for this quality of training. It’s the real deal.
A Porat
Did the IWI Tavor Level 1 Operator course With Ron. Ron is a great knowledgeable high-paced instructor. Course itself was very helpful to learn and improve shooting skills, handling malfunctions, cleaning the Tavor and shooting from various positions. Second day included some drills and contests which were fun and changeling. I also enjoyed meeting other Tavor owners in the area. Definitely going to sign up for more course offerings from Tactical Fitness Austin in the future, especially the Level 2 Operator course!
Stephanie Nelson
I took the women-only self defense class and loved it. Bernardo is top notch, as was the guest instructor from Healthy Buffalo. The day was jam-packed with information and practice. They accommodated a variety of experience and skill levels and were supportive, but still really pushed and challenged us. It was a great day and I look forward to taking more courses with Tactical Fitness.