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Darrin Roush
Just took my first course with this group. It was a trauma care fundamentals, tactical combat casualty care course. An amazing experience with lots of new knowledge and refreshers that will hopefully serve somebody somewhere well someday.
Marc Anthony
Great place to learn.
If you want to improve your skills and feel overwhelmed on where to begin. This place is highly recommended. Whether you’re new to self defense and firearms training or a seasoned pro, they have a class for you. I’ve taken a couple of classes with them and intend to keep taking more. They are committed to improving your skills and pushing you beyond what you thought you could do. I look forward to learning more from these professionals and having fun while doing it!
Joseph Benperlas
Took the rifle fundamentals course. Well organized, high yield information, and a lot of fun. I highly recommend tactical fitness Austin.
Sandia Naidoo
One of the best in town for learning the fundamentals of training. Instructors are professional and know their expertise well. Because of this, I felt less stressed about the whole experience. I would take more classes with them and look forward to in the future.
Natalia Roush
One of the best training in self-defense I've ever attended! 🙏🏻 Amazing, practical, and empowering information!
Wayne Gerami
Great classes and instructors! Perfect place to get better at all things tactical.
Jake Rudesill
Took the handgun fundamentals class - Ron and his team were experts handgun fundamentals and extremely professional and patient in teaching the class. Coming out of the course, I have a much better understanding of how to handle and use a handgun. Tactical Fitness is a fantastic company, and I will certainly be signing up for more classes. 10/10 would recommend.
Dylan Marr
Highlight of our bachelor party trip! We had a group of 6 with a couple members who had never shot anything before. The instructors were knowledgeable, experienced, and made it known that safety was a top priority. We were all running and gunning in no time. Learned a ton and had an absolute blast!
derek cunningham
Perhaps the best organized, basic to advanced, tactical training experiences you can get. Safety is absolutely paramount and every single course I have taken has not only been exceptional but a completely new educational experience. I have had most of my family now take basic courses and they can easily take you all the way to world class level tactical training if you want. To give you some perspective, I am a physician and their war field trauma/combat casualty care course taught me a lot valuable techniques and concepts that are just not ever taught in general medicine. In all, just crazy amounts of fun.