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Discounts available for First responders and military. Please contact us at to receive your discount!

Private Training with Tactical Fitness Austin – Krav Maga, Firearms & Fitness.

Tactical Fitness continues to empower its members by equipping them with the skills, techniques, knowledge and confidence to defend themselves. With our training, individuals will also be able to protect their loved ones, should they ever need to. Our Private Training sessions are designed to equip you with those skills on a one-on-one or group session basis. Our expert instructors offer personalized training to suit your ability and individual goals.

We provide these in a location that fits into your schedule. Whether you are a first-time shooter or experienced in Krav Maga, we have training options to suit your needs and aim to provide the best level of private training in Austin.

We offer introductory lessons and bundles for all our private training categories, all available to be taken solo or with a group. You will be required to take an introductory lesson before purchasing the bundles, if it is your first lesson. If you are looking to book these training sessions as part of a private event, such as for a bachelor/bachelorette party or a corporate event, please head to our private events page here

As always with our firearms related classes, we have equipment available for rentals and purchase here

Jordan Moorhead
Great experience and excellent instruction on the Krav Magra Concealed Carry course!
Gabriel Martins
I had great time learning from Ron and Bernardo! Top notch instruction. They're both extremely knowledgeable and professional in what they do. If you're in Austin give Tactical Fitness a try, you won't regret it!
mo8ius design
Took the Tavor operator Level 1 in SLC. It was informative, organized, and very fun. Highly recommended.
Daniel Bendjouia
Recommend! Bernardo “The Disciplined Papo” is a phenomenal trainer and has plenty of knowledge to share.
Igor Gorin
Train or remain the same! The sweetest, cuddliest firearms and martial arts instructors. For extra points, bring holodets.
TFA is a first-rate organization with world-class (literally), friendly instructors. I would recommend them to a friend. I plan to take as many classes from TFA as my wife will allow 🙂
Sergio Juarez
Eye opening and phenomenal training. Worth every penny.
Reese Joseph
The quality of instruction at TFA is excellent and thorough, with a key emphasis on safety. Bernardo and Matt are highly knowledgeable practitioners of their craft, with many years of real world experience between them. I have not take a class with Ron yet, but if these past two classes are any indication, I am positive he offers the same quality instruction. For the rifle class, my campervan got stuck in the mud in the parking lot after class ended. Both Bernardo and Matt, plus a fellow student, immediately came to help once they saw me in trouble and tried to push my van free with me. Though the task ended up being too much for mere mortals in the end (a tow was called), I am very grateful for them having lent me a hand. Not only are they good instructors, they’re also good people. Thanks again, guys!
Joe DeRosa
Ron and Bernardo are extremely helpful, patient, and couldn't be all around better guys to train with.
Trent Wilson
We've taken a few small group private training classes w/ Ron and Bernardo. They are awesome and extremely knowledgeable and skilled. Looking forward to many more training classes with Tactical Fitness.