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Enrol on one of our IWI training courses today and learn proper use of the IWI Tavor battle rifle directly from the source! These courses will be taught by Tactical Fitness founder, Ron, a former IDF sniper. This course is designed to teach the fundamentals of shooting the Tavor SAR and X95 rifle systems.

iwi tavor sar training courses

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Learn about the IWI Tavor SAR & X95 systems

The rifle was the answer to the constant urban warfare that the IDF was contending with during the Intifada days; A shorter and more maneuverable rifle than the Galil and M16/M4 that was fielded by infantry units at the time but without compromising on barrel length and in turn muzzle velocity. Due to its unique design and shorter overall length the IWI X95 Tavor poses some interesting challenges when it comes to optimal set up and use. In this article I will outline what I believe to be the most optimal set up for the rifle based on both using it in the field as an IDF soldier and running it on a regular basis as an IWI Academy instructor. Want to take one of these IWI tactical courses? Scroll up and enrol, it takes less than 5 minutes to purchase your tickets.

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