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We aim to provide the best handgun training in Austin so you can become an expert the right way. Learning Handgun fundamentals including gun safety and shooting has never been easier with our beginner friendly courses.

Tactical Fitness Austin’s Handgun Fundamental courses are open to everybody and are ideal for beginner shooters. We will familiarize you with the complete process of holding and firing a pistol to the basic stances you should take when firing.

✅ Firearms Safety

✅ Loading & Unloading

✅ Pistol Shooting Fundamentals

✅ Drawing from a holster

✅ Reloads

✅ Basic movement

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pistol handgun training

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These handgun training courses are designed for beginners but they can also serve the more advanced learners with a refresher course. You will learn the basics of pistol shooting including stances and grips as well as various other important aspects including defensive shooting skills. At the end of the course, you’ll be comfortable with holding, shooting and feel safer with a firearm. You will also be equipped with enough knowledge to move onto more advanced courses.

Rental firearms are available, please email us at info@tacticalfitnessaustin.com if you need a rental. If you are renting a firearm from us, you will need to provide us with a LTC document and proof of ID.

Thanks for choosing Tactical Fitness for you Handgun training in Austin.

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