Hunting 101

Lometa, TX – 3 day course

Course Information


Nov 4-6th| See Description


Lometa, TX – Location available after signup



About the Course

Course Information

This course is limited to participants!

  • 3:00pm – 8:00pm on Fri, 4 Nov
  • 6:00am – 7:00pm on Sat, 5 Nov
  • 6:00am – 3:00pm on Sun, 6 Nov

* Animal price sheet is below. To be paid to ranch owner.

Hunting Basics Course Description

This course will provide the student with the basic skills needed for the successful hunting and processing of common game animals in North America. These methods are also applicable to most species throughout the world. This course will prepare the student for the upcoming 2022-2023 Texas deer and turkey hunting seasons.

The class will be hunting feral hogs, deer, and varmints in the daylight, with firearms. Our experience with this location is that you will have ample opportunity to take at least one feral hog. Free to shoot any number of coyotes, mountain lion, armadillo, raccoons, rabbits, possum, ringtail cats, or bobcats (These are only available if you have a valid hunting license and hunters education certificate).

Returning students will receive additional instruction on butchering, tracking, and shooting.

All lodging and meals are included in your registration.

About Your Instructor

Jon Wayne Taylor will be your primary instructor for this course. Taylor is an avid and constant hunter, with four decades of hunting experience in this area, taking well over 1,000 White Tail Deer and feral hogs during this time. Many Tactical Fitness students have taken his DMR and Emergency Medical focused courses and are familiar with his style of instruction.


As of September the 1st, 2019, Texas law exempts any person, resident or non-resident, from requiring a hunting license to hunt feral hogs on private land, as long as the hunter has landowner consent. A license is required to hunt on public land. Every person in this class will have landowner consent and we will be hunting private land. Although no hunting license is required for this course to hunt feral hogs, a hunting license and Hunter’s Education Course provided by the Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife is highly recommended. A Texas Hunting License and Hunter Education Certificate will be required to hunt deer and any other native game animal, and is required in many other states and other countries as well. Again, a Hunting License and Hunter Education Certificate is highly recommended.

Game Processing and Trophy Preparation

This course includes the field dressing and basic butchery of your animal. You will take any animal you have killed home, wrapped and ready to cook. We will not be casing sausage, but we will learn the basics of sausage making. This course includes basic trophy preparation. It does not include taxidermy, although you will learn the basics of a European Mount.

Animal kill price list: (to be paid to ranch owner if killed)

  • Hogs: 1st one $50.00. $80.00 for additional hogs. UNLIMITED HOGS FOR FREE!
  • Does: $600.00
  • Spike buck: $1000.00
  • Bucks:
    • up to 149” B&C $2000.00
    • 110.00 per inch above 149”.
  • Coyotes and varmints are free.

Course Schedule

Day 1

  • Arrive between 4pm-7pm. Dinner provided.
  • Check firearms and gear.
  • Discuss relevant Texas and federal hunting laws.
  • Course discussion.

Day 2

  • Breakfast provided.
  • Introduction to common hunting methods. (Stalk, spot and stalk, blind, safari.)
  • Weapons Zero/verify Zero
  • Shot placement of common North American and African game animals.
  • Lunch Provided (Discussion of hunting gear for different common North American game.)
  • Common shooting positions found in hunting to include planned and impromptu rests.
  • Tracking Basics
  • Afternoon hunt.
  • Field Dressing, trophy preparation, butchery, and packing of animals.
  • Dinner provided.

Day 3

  • Breakfast provided
  • Hunt
  • Field Dressing, trophy preparation, butchery, and packing of animals.
  • Review of materials, Q&A.

Prerequisites, Requirements & Gear List

Arrive with safe firearm handling practices fully engrained into your person. Unsafe firearm handling will result in your immediate removal from the property without a refund. If you have not taken a firearms course with Tactical Fitness, immediately contact Ron at in order to ensure you understand safe firearm handling practices.

This is not a marksmanship course. Arrive with the ability to strike a 6″ target at 100 yards with a centerfire rifle from a stable position.

Have a positive attitude. Ask questions. Challenge the instructor’s knowledge. Don’t be a whiner.

Required Gear:

    • 30 quart or larger ice chest, full of ice when you arrive at the course. Do not show up without an ice chest full of ice.
    • 20 gallon size ziplock-type plastic storage bag
    • New roll of freezer paper.
    • 1 roll masking tape
    • 1 Sharpie pen
    • 1 Two quart or larger bottle of distilled white vinegar.
    • One 25 gallon or larger sturdy trash bag.
    • 1 sharp filet or boning knife with a semi flexible 8″ blade. Plastic/rubberized restaurant supply versions are great and inexpensive.
    • Any sharp knife with a rounded blade edge, fixed or folding. Perfect, inexpensive examples include the large folding Case Two Blade Trapper or the Old Timer/Schrade Sharp Finger.
    • Clothing warm enough and comfortable enough to allow you to walk for an hour and then sit completely still for four hours.
    • Camouflage clothing is not required. Dark hued clothing is preferred. Blue colors are bad. Reds and pinks and oranges are just fine.
    • Bring something to cover your face. A scarf or cravat works.
    • A hat with a brim.
    • Eye protection and hearing protection.
    • Any firearm that can deliver at least 1,000ft/lbs of energy at 100 yards. A suppressor/silencer is highly recommended.
    • A minimum of 20 rounds of hunting ammunition for that firearm. Soft point ammunition is perfect for the game we will be hunting.
    • If you need a suitable firearm and ammunition for the course, one can be provided for you. Please let JWT know at as soon as you sign up for the course if you need a firearm.
    • Sterile gloves are nice to have but not required.
    • Feel free to email JWT at with any firearms or equipment questions.

Additional Info:

Location – Lometa, TX – Exact address will be send after registration.

License requirements: none for hogs or coyotes, but will need a hunting license to hunt bobcat or other non-game animals.

Included: Lodging. Friday Dinner. Saturday breakfast, lunch, and Dinner. Sunday breakfast. Drinks. Alcoholic beverages not included and charged separately.


No loaded rifles in the house

Sidearms brought into house must be holstered and stored at all times.

No shooting after consuming alcoholic beverages

Do not shoot in the direction of the house