Home Defense Pistol & Rifle scenario

Austin, TX

Course Information


Nov 17 | 6:00pm – 9:00pm CDT





About the Course

Course Information

The Home Defense Rifle & Pistol low light scenario course is designed to make training “as real as it gets.” This course will utilize UTM (ultimate training munitions) man marking rounds to simulate close quarter battle situations (CQB) as it pertains to home defense as well as active shooter in low light and no light situations.

Students will utilize Glocks, IWI X95 Tavors and AR15s with UTM conversions to practice various home defense scenarios inside an old retail space.

Open to All Skill Levels – basic firearms handling skills highly recommended.


  • Firearms Safety
  • Rifle Shooting tactics for low light
  • Pistol shooting tactics for low light
  • Hand held light techniques
  • Room clearing tactics
  • Considerations for home defense
  • Fundamentals of cover and concealment
  • Simulations drills with airsoft & UTM

Prerequisites, Requirements & Gear List

  • Shooting Gear – UTM converted Glocks & AR/Tavor and ammo will be provided for you.
  • Quality hand held light – Streamlight, surefire, Modlight recommended
  • If you have your AR or tavor your would like to bring please come without a BCG on your AR and no bolt on your Tavor
  • Eye protection
  • Baseball cap/hat
  • Groin guard
  • Shooting gloves
  • LTC/CHL or proof of no criminal record that can be obtained via sentry link here WITH a copy of your drivers license (or any state/federal ID). Please email them to info@tacticalfitnessaustin.com

Personal Gear

  • Closed toed shoes/boots, pants, belt, and t shirt (we recommend wearing clothing you do not mind getting dirty and/or possibly torn)
  • Sweatshirt is required to reduce affect of UTM/airsoft impact
  • Water Location Vacant space in north Austin. Directions will be emailed before the class. Lodging Please let us know if you are coming in from out of town and need help finding a hotel in the area.

Additional Information

Do not bring live firearms or ammunition to this class.

Safety Notice: if you are found to be a safety liability during the course you will be asked to leave without refund!

You must be a US citizen or permanent resident to attend this course!