Concealed Carry Krav Maga


Course Information


Dec 4 | 8:00am – 5:00pm CDT


32800 Ronald Reagan Blvd, Georgetown



About the Course

The Concealed Carry Krav Maga Level II course is designed to build on the curriculum of the level I course. The curriculum expands on striking and grappling techniques learned in level I and adds real life simulations with helmets and marking rounds. You must attend Concealed Carry Krav Maga level 1 in order to attend this course (If you have taken a previous Combat Pistol Krav Maga course you may sign up or if you are a Combat Club member)


  • Firearms Safety
  • Pistol Shooting Fundamentals review
  • Drawing from concealment
  • Retention Shooting Method
  • Shooting on the move
  • Intermediate Krav Maga and grappling techniques
  • Gun disarms
  • Knife disarms
  • Transitions from fighting and shooting and vice versa
  • Stand up grappling
  • Application of shooting and fighting techniques under stress with both dry and force-on-force simulations- Force-on-force simulations

Additional Information

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Location: Georgetown, TX

32800 Ronald Reagan Blvd, Georgetown, TX 78633 (across the street from Georgetown Metal Recycling)

You must be a US Citizen or Permanent resident to attend a Tactical Fitness firearms course