Concealed Carry Krav Maga - Training Courses

Krav Maga’s technique is built on natural human reflexes and movements making it easy and intuitive to learn. Most importantly, it will also make these skills immediately applicable in real-world situations. Our Concealed Carry Krav Maga courses are perfect for beginners and advanced learners of the technique. By the end of the course, you’ll  have learned a vast amount of skills and knowledge in the following areas:

The Concealed Carry Krav Maga level I courses are designed for people who are new to firearms and Krav Maga. These are designed to be a launch pad for those that are interested in the more physically demanding Level II Concealed Carry Krav Maga intermediate courses.

If you are new to concealed carry and want to build your confidence through real-world training, you need to enrol on the above Level 1 courses.

For the Level 2 course, the curriculum expands on striking and grappling techniques learned in level I and adds real life simulations with helmets and marking rounds.

  • Firearms Safety
  • Pistol Shooting Fundamentals
  • Point Shooting Method
  • Reloads and movements
  • Krav Maga Mindset and Technique
  • Basic striking techniques
  • Defenses against grabs and chokes

NEW - Women's Only Course

Tactical Fitness Austin and Healthy Buffalo join forces in order to create a comprehensive women’s only self-defense clinic based on firearm and hand to hand combat best practices. This course will focus on providing essential defensive skills and security awareness fundamentals for women.

The day will firstly begin with a 4 hour long defensive pistol fundamentals class with Tactical Fitness Austin. Following this, a 3 hour self defense clinic with Christun Erwin from Healthy Buffalo

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